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How Does a New Degreasing Line Benefit Our You?

Our new degreaser not only allows us to offer you better pricing, it also permits us to provide you material a lot faster.  We no longer need to send the material to a 3rd party for degreasing. We can move the material right from the levelers to the degreasing line, wasting no time at all, often reducing lead-time by a week or more. 

Metal Degreasing Line.jpg
Degreasing Line.jpg

What can we run through our degreaser?

  • Perforated Sheets
  • Solid Sheets
  • Perforated Metal Coils
  • Solid Metal Coils
  • Formed Perforated Sheet Metal Parts
  • Formed Solid Sheet Metal Parts
  • Outside Parts and Components including stamped, cast, machined, and welded material
  • Parts with Protective Coatings (e.g. blue nitto)
  • Plastic Material

Maximum degreasing footprint

  • Maximum Width: 66”
  • Maximum Height: 13”
  • Maximum Length (Sheet): 20’
  • Maximum Width (Coil): 60” Wide



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