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Materials must be suited precisely to their intended application and environment and your budget and design specifications. There are numerous choices of materials available in steel (carbon and stainless), aluminum, alloys, treated metals, and more. Accurate Metal Fabricating has the experience to know what material is best and the tooling, equipment, and processes to form and weld a wide range of materials for your project.

Our experience, tooling, and equipment allow us to fabricate materials in various thicknesses and widths. We routinely fabricate materials from 1/64" to 1/4" thick with widths up to 60". Under certain circumstances, we can fabricate metal and other materials up to 1" thick and 12' wide.


Some of the many materials that we form and weld:

  • Cold Rolled Carbon Steel — Economical, versatile, strong, clean appearance, tight dimensional tolerances, and free from distortion

  • Hot Rolled Carbon Steel — inexpensive, more malleable, versatile, robust and rough appearance, loose dimensional tolerances

  • Aluminum—lightweight, low density, excellent malleability, and corrosion resistant

  • Stainless Steel—resists corrosion, is strong, and is suitable for exterior environments.

  • Galvanized Steel—a protective zinc coating prevents rusting, less costly than stainless steel

  • Nickel Alloys—alloys increase resistance to corrosion and heat-induced weakness.

  • Brass—the zinc/copper mixture is known for durability, malleability, and a long-lasting attractive appearance

  • Copper—malleable, corrosion resistant, and looks good for generations.

  • HR P&O Steel—coil or sheet metal that's descaled of the oxide film to remove impurities, stains, and contaminants

  • Lithographed metals—to meet your design specifications

  • Pre-Coated Metals—to meet your requirements, desired expression, and corrosion resistance

Accurate Metal Fabricating has the facilities, equipment, and expertise to do small or large production runs, depending on your needs. Contact us for more details on what metal materials we can supply.

If you don't see the material listed here that you are specifying, please call us directly at 773-382-8563 to find out how we can address your needs.

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