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Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication Solutions for Every Need

Published on Nov 3, 2023 9:44:34 AM by Jim Erhart

Jim Erhart

In the realm of metal fabrication, the demand for custom aluminum boxes is soaring. These versatile enclosures serve multiple purposes across industries, from housing delicate electronic components to withstanding harsh outdoor environments. At Accurate Metal Fabricating, we're adept at crafting tailor-made aluminum enclosures that meet the most intricate specifications and durability requirements.

Unveiling the Art of Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication

Custom Aluminum Fabrication: The Essence of Versatility

Aluminum, known for its lightweight yet robust properties, is the ideal choice for crafting enclosures tailored to unique specifications. Our custom aluminum fabrication services at Accurate Metal Fabricating offer many possibilities. From shaping the material into various forms (using our extensive equipment list) to precise assembly, we ensure every detail aligns with the client's needs.

Outdoor Metal Enclosure Box: Withstanding the Elements

Outdoor spaces are filled with challenges that you don't experience inside. Our expertise lies in designing and fabricating aluminum enclosures that endure harsh conditions. These outdoor metal enclosure boxes are weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, and adept at protecting valuable contents in various climates and terrains.

Precision in Small Aluminum Enclosures

Small aluminum enclosures may seem diminutive, but their significance cannot be overstated. These meticulously crafted boxes cater to specific needs, protecting without compromising space or design. Our focus on precision ensures that even the smallest enclosures meet the highest standards.

Aluminum Sheet Metal Enclosures: The Epitome of Functionality

The versatility of aluminum allows for crafting enclosures that balance functionality and aesthetics. Whether it's incorporating custom cutouts, vents, or specialized finishes, our aluminum sheet metal enclosures excel in both form and function.

Why Choose Accurate Metal Fabricating?

1. Experience and Expertise: With more than eighty years of expertise in metal fabrication, our team is well-versed in delivering top-notch custom aluminum solutions.

2. Tailored Solutions: We understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer tailored fabrication services to meet diverse client requirements.

3. Quality Assurance: At Accurate Metal Fabricating, quality is our hallmark. Our stringent quality control, including ISO 9001:2015 quality systems, ensures that each enclosure meets the highest standards.

4. Powder Coating: Our state-of-the-art powder coating line can handle parts up to 400 lbs. With a multi-stage wash system and eight automatic spray guns, we can powder your parts in almost any color you can imagine.

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Optimized Solutions for Diverse Industries

Our custom aluminum box fabrication services cater to various industries, including electronics, telecommunications, power generation, aerospace, and beyond. The adaptability of our solutions ensures that they seamlessly integrate into multiple applications. Since we specialize in aluminum fabrication, our equipment list is extensive and optimized to process high volumes of aluminum through our shop. With 17 press brakes, laser welders, seven turrets, three laser tables, a powder coating paint line, and more, our shop and equipment can take on large aluminum fabrication projects every day of the week. In fact, many of our machines can run lights out, 24x7, which ensures we will meet your requirements.

How To Work With Us

Are you in search of precision-crafted aluminum enclosures to fit your unique requirements? Contact Accurate Metal Fabricating today. The team at Accurate is constantly pushing the envelope of what's possible in metal fab and is ready to bring your concepts to life with our top-tier custom aluminum fabrication services. And it's easy to get started!

1. The easiest way is to send us a quote through our Contact Us page. The more details you have on the project, the better, including any drawing or CAD Designs our team can review. Don't have those? No worries. Our engineering team speaks…well, engineer. And because of this, they are adept at transforming your concept into reality. 

2. After the drawings are made or reviewed, we will begin the estimating process. Here, our estimating department, engineers, and project managers come together to discuss your project and develop a proper quote for you to review for your new aluminum enclosure.

3. Next, you will need a prototype. As a high-volume sheet aluminum fabricator, making a prototype for you to review is a critical step in the process. The last thing anyone wants is to make tens of thousands of units and find out something needs to be fixed. 

4. Once the prototype is reviewed and tweaked accordingly, your order is released into production to be fabricated to your specifications

5. Finally, the custom aluminum box is assembled, packaged, and warehoused accordingly. With our central location in the suburbs of Chicago, and our dedicated 50,000 square feet of warehousing space, we will ship your product based on your schedule, JIT, all at once – however you want!

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Get in Touch for Your Custom Aluminum Enclosure Needs

Accurate Metal Fabricating is the quintessential partner for those seeking high-quality, custom aluminum box fabrication. Our commitment to precision, versatility, and quality ensures that every enclosure is a testament to our expertise in metal fabrication.

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Jim Erhart

Written by Jim Erhart

Jim Erhart serves as the Marketing Manager for Accurate Metal Fabrication. Jim has more than 15 years of experience working in the metal and steel industry with a focus on steel tubular (HSS) products in various sales and marketing roles. He received a bachelor’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Saint Xavier University.