How Does a New Degreasing Line Benefit You?

Our new degreaser not only allows us to offer you better pricing, it also permits us to provide you material a lot faster.  We no longer need to send the material to a 3rd party for degreasing. We can move the material right from the levelers to the degreasing line, wasting no time at all, often reducing lead-time by a week or more.

Perforated metal components often end up with grease or other oils on them as a result of the manufacturing process. This is because lubricants need to be applied before punching can take place in order to protect the equipment. Custom metal degreasing services are therefore necessary because any remaining residue could cause complications. For example, grease can interfere with the application of coatings and lead to imperfections on precision parts.

Fortunately, our metal washing line ensures that parts are clean and in their best condition.

Metal Degreasing Line.jpg
Degreasing Line.jpg

What can we run through our degreaser?

  • Perforated Sheets
  • Solid Sheets
  • Perforated Metal Coils
  • Solid Metal Coils
  • Formed Perforated Sheet Metal Parts
  • Formed Solid Sheet Metal Parts
  • Outside Parts and Components including stamped, cast, machined, and welded material
  • Parts with Protective Coatings (e.g. blue nitto)
  • Plastic Material

Maximum degreasing footprint

  • Maximum Width: 66”
  • Maximum Height: 13”
  • Maximum Length (Sheet): 20’
  • Maximum Width (Coil): 60” Wide

Choose AMF for All Your Fabrication Needs

Degreasing is just one of the many services we provide. Our comprehensive capabilities enable you to complete virtually any fabrication project on time and to your exact specifications. If you want to learn more about what we can do for your operations, get in touch with us today.