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Quality attention and follow-through on metal fabrication fulfillment continue with product warehousing and shipping. Our additional capabilities make us a one-stop shop for fabricated metal orders. We have quality-controlled warehousing, fabricated metal-coordinated drop shipping, and years of experience coordinating with carriers and shipping docks. Accurate maintains strong relationships with LTL and truckload carriers to ensure that any size job reaches its destination safely and on time. Taking advantage of our metal stocking and fulfillment in Chicago means you can save time and money compared to working with another third party.

AMF Truck getting loaded


Pallets in a warehouse


We know manufacturers must receive components as required to keep their production lines running and that P.O.P. design houses need retail displays to arrive on time without incident. We have decades of experience storing and shipping products all across North America. Our central location is an advantage to companies with projects in the Midwest or requiring products to ship to locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have a large warehouse that is used by many of our customers. Some take advantage of the warehouse to keep a reserve supply of components to draw upon as needed. Other companies utilize our warehouse as their stocking and fulfillment center in a J.I.T. manner, keeping the products that ship direct to their customers.

By utilizing our warehousing space and custom metal fulfillment services, you can enjoy even more significant benefits when you need to scale up on short notice or to meet seasonal demand. Our custom metal order fulfillment capabilities also mean you won’t have to worry about hiring additional staff for your inventory and shipping processes.

If you would like to learn more about our metal stocking and fulfillment capabilities and what we can do for you, please contact us today and ask for a quote.