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Fresh Gear

Rapid Sanitizing Done Naturally

Proven Sanitizing Technology


What Is Fresh Gear?

The Fresh Gear Rapid Sanitizing System is durable, adaptable, and mobile. Leave it in the corner or move it to where the action is. It’s your choice. The machines have been the sanitizing equipment of choice for the U.S. and Canadian governments in all branches of services. In addition, first responders, including police, fire, and EMTs, prefer Fresh Gear.

The Rapid Sanitizing Station is ideal for corporate and industrial clients, including General Motors, The Hershey Company, Bruce Power nuclear facilities, oil and gas refineries, universities, and colleges, including Nebraska, Western, Guelph, and Waterloo. Finally, professional hockey teams in the NHL trust the Ozone sanitizing technology.

Fresh Gear Benefits

Eliminate Germs

It kills up to 99.99% of germs in the interior of PPE and sports gear, not just on the exterior surface.

Chemical Free

Fresh Gear is chemical-free. No need for expensive oils, solvents, or bleaches. Safe for the operator and the planet. True green biotech!

Scientifically Proven

It uses ozone at a scientifically proven high enough to shock treat the items inside the sealed cabinet—the most effective way to use ozone and the safest way.

No More Dampness

The only machine that dries your damp Gear while sanitizing and removing nasty odors.

Foul Odors - Gone!

Removes nasty odors naturally using ozone. It doesn’t just mask odors with sprays or fragrances.

Built to Last

Commercial grade. It is built to provide many years of bacteria-busting performance.

multiple fresh gears in a row
sanitized hockey equipment


Bacteria growth is highest and hardest to reach on the inside surfaces of protective equipment, such as the inside of hockey gloves and skates, where bacteria levels over 100 times greater than exterior surfaces can be found. Scraped and cut hands enter the hockey gloves unprotected, resulting in a high risk of infection.


High-Performance Sanitization

Independent lab tests show excellent results after just one treatment with Fresh Gear’s patented ozone sanitizing machine. Testing to determine pathogen kill rates with Fresh Gear was conducted by GAP Enviro Microbial Lab. Our tests are based on actual swabs from the INSIDE of sports gearthe most challenging places for ozone to reach. 

Finally, you can trust that our products are fabricated with the finest metal domestically. Because domestic manufacturing still matters.