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Illinois poised to be a force in global manufacturing

Published on Jan 20, 2016 3:30:36 PM by Accurate Metal Fabricating

In a recent article in Crain’s Chicago Business online, How Illinois can join manufacturing’s comeback, Illinois is identified as #25 of all states in manufacturing efficiency when you consider; the cost of capital, energy, labor, and materials in the calculation. Located near the country's center with access to an exceptional network of transportation options, including rail, air, truck, and barge on both the Great Lakes and river systems, Illinois a strong platform to build on.

Labor Costs

Labor costs will continue to be an issue, and the aging workforce could derail the growth if these skills are not passed on to the next generation through trade school, technical school, apprenticeships, and other programs.

Accurate Metal Fabricating provides on-the-job training for most of our employees.  All factory personnel must pass a basic skills test, including basic math, reading, and writing skills.  Advanced testing includes print reading and machine operations.

What is Reshoring?

Reshoring is a business strategy and economic concept that refers to the practice of bringing back or relocating a company's manufacturing, production, or service operations from a foreign country or offshore location to its home country. It is essentially the opposite of offshoring, which involves moving operations to other countries to take advantage of lower labor costs or other cost-saving factors.

Reshoring can be driven by various factors, including changes in economic conditions, increased labor costs in foreign countries, concerns about product quality and intellectual property protection, a desire to reduce supply chain vulnerabilities, or a commitment to supporting domestic industries and creating jobs in the home country. Companies may also decide to reshore in response to shifts in market demand, such as a desire for more localized production to meet customer preferences or shorter lead times.

In some cases, government policies and incentives may play a role in encouraging reshoring as a means to boost domestic manufacturing and economic growth. Reshoring can have both positive and negative implications, and its success depends on factors like the specific industry, the cost structure, and the competitive landscape of the company involved.

Join the Conversation!

What is your company doing to support and develop its skilled labor?  Where can people get the training to secure these good-paying and stable manufacturing jobs?  Join the discussion and share your thoughts.