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Top 5 Uses for Sheet Metal in 2023

Published on Jan 23, 2023 8:54:21 AM by Jim Erhart

Jim Erhart

Fabricating sheet metal is the lifeblood of many fabricators across the US. In addition, these products are an important contribution to ensuring OEMs have the right parts when they need them. While sheet metal can be used in a variety of applications (and we can fabricate just about anything you can dream up), have you ever wondered what we believe are the Top 5 applications for fabricated sheet metal going into the new year? Let’s take a deep dive into the Top 5 Uses for Sheet Metal in 2023!

  1. Enclosures: For uses of sheet metal, enclosures far and away are always at the top of any application list. That’s because sheet metal and enclosures go together like peanut butter and jelly. They just work so well with one another. Enclosures can be made from a variety of substrates – the most common being cold-rolled steel and aluminum (often used for enclosures that will be in the elements). The uses for these sheet metal applications are endless. For instance, medical enclosures are utilized for the safe disposal of drugs and needles. Lighting enclosures are designed to beautify an office building. Datacenter enclosures keep computer systems humming all day long. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how sheet metal will be used in enclosures for 2023.
  2. POP Displays: POP or Point of Purchase Displays can often make or break the successful launch, or continued promotion, of your product in retail. POP displays often feature intricate designs and laser-cut logos to ensure the customer knows what goods or wares you are trying to sell. Well-designed POP displays are typically built out of cold rolled steel – the displays are robust enough to stand up to a daily barrage of customers but still cost-effective. In addition, aluminum is also used for lighter-weight POP displays.
  3. Cabinets: Cabinets are a lot like closets – you can never have enough of them. Storage is so important nowadays and that’s why cabinets come in at number three on our list of sheet metal products in 2023. Cabinets are typically made from cold rolled steel. Steel is strong enough to hold the weight of the good you need while being an economical choice and must present plenty of shelving in order to securely store all of your wares. We are seeing cabinets pop up more and more in auto garages and industrial settings as companies look to become more efficient and implement organization techniques such as 5S.
  4. Carts: With more and more people going back into the office every day, the safety of employees has increasingly become important. Carts are going to be a hot sheet metal product in 2023. Industrial carts made from sheet metal will assist you in bringing the items you need to your workstation to do your job quickly and safely. No longer do you need to move items by picking them up and walking them, which adds a significant amount of risk to your health and safety. Carts are designed to be functional for the job at hand. We’re seeing more and more carts in the trade show, medical and retail sectors. But even manufacturing plants, like our own, are using carts instead of overhead cranes when needed to transport smaller goods across a great distance. Most carts in 2023 are being fabricated out of cold rolled steel, making them both functional, and able to stand up to the heavy loads thrown on them.
  5. Kiosks: Rounding out our top 5 sheet metal uses in 2023 are Kiosks. With more and more people resuming “business as usual”, more and more kiosks are needed to keep up with the demand. Whether at the airport for you to print your luggage tags, or exiting a parking garage after a large-scale event, the demand for kiosks to automate tasks will continue to grow into 2023. Kiosks are typically made from either aluminum or cold-rolled steel depending on where the kiosk will be in a given space.


Bringing Your Sheet Metal Design to Life

Do you have an idea that needs to be fabricated into reality from the top five list for 2023? The experts at Accurate Metal Fab are here to work with you. As a contract fabricator, we pride ourselves on holding your products and designs to the highest standards. Our engineers can bring your napkin sketch to reality. We work with all metal types including galvanized steel and stainless steel. We will be happy to work together to bring your next sheet metal design to reality.

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Jim Erhart

Written by Jim Erhart

Jim Erhart serves as the Marketing Manager for Accurate Metal Fabrication. Jim has more than 15 years of experience working in the metal and steel industry with a focus on steel tubular (HSS) products in various sales and marketing roles. He received a bachelor’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Saint Xavier University.