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Data Center Server Racks

Cabinets, Enclosures To Help Power Tomorrow

Data center server racks are essential components in modern data center infrastructure. As data centers continue to pop up worldwide, the importance of proper racking systems has increased tremendously. The trend isn't letting up, either. As the world embraces new cutting-edge tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and continued reliance on cloud-based software, the data center market must scale up to stay ahead of all the necessary raw computer power. As data centers continue to come online, the importance of perforated metal components and fabrication work must be addressed. 

What Are Data Center Server Cabinets?

Server racks are designed to house and organize servers, networking equipment, and other IT infrastructure components compactly and efficiently. These racks or enclosures are often organized to make system management seamless and help hardware professionals manage servers on-site.

What Types of Data Center Server Racks Are There?

Various types of racking systems are available when you are planning out your data center. These include:

Open Frame Data Center Rack

Open Frame Racks

Just as it sounds, an Open Frame Rack is entirely open. Working or moving around is straightforward when the equipment sits in the open air. However, open-frame racks tend to get dusty and must be cleaned/maintained regularly. In addition, because they are out in the open, the components can not be locked down. 

Enclosed Racks

Enclosed racks offer several benefits over other options. Putting all your components into the enclosure keeps those essential components safe and secure. If your enclosure has built-in caster wheels, it can be easily moved. These enclosures can be locked, making it difficult for someone to remove the components.
Enclosed Server Rack
blade server rack

Blade Server Racks

Blade Server Racks look similar to an enclosed rack. In fact, you can't tell the difference between the two when you are looking at it. What makes them different are the compartments within the enclosure – the compartments are where the "blades" go. In the data center world, the servers themselves are often called blades. The slots within the rack make it easy to pull blades in and out and offer the same security and environmental controls that an open enclosed rack provides.

What Are the Server Rack Standards?

When ordering custom server racks, they should adhere to industry standards like the EIA-310 standard, which specifies dimensions such as rack unit (U) height (1U = 1.75 inches), depth, and mounting hole spacing. Buying custom racks to meet these specifications will make it easier for you to maintain your data farm. When using standardized components, such as perforated metal, parts are easy to replace because they are made to industry standards. You don't want your data center to be down for a prolonged period – standardization is the way to go.

Other Factors To Consider When Designing Server Racks

When thinking about your next data center project, project managers, architects, and engineers have much on their plate. From site selection to the materials used to build the data center, there can be a lot on the plate for anyone. Not only that, but you need to design the interior of the building itself, specifically the enclosures. While this is not meant to be an extensive list, many factors should be considered when planning your next data center server cabinet. This includes:

  • Cooling and Airflow: Proper airflow management is crucial in data centers to prevent equipment overheating. To optimize cooling, racks are designed with features like perforated doors, cable management options, and hot/cold aisle configurations.
  • Power Distribution: Racks often include power distribution units (PDUs) for distributing power to servers and other equipment. Intelligent PDUs can provide monitoring and remote power management capabilities. 
  • Cable Management: Effective cable management is essential for maintaining a tidy and organized rack environment, reducing the risk of cable damage, and improving airflow.
  • Security: Enclosed racks offer better physical security by restricting access to authorized personnel only. Some racks also come with locking mechanisms for added security.
  • Scalability: Modular rack designs allow for easy scalability, enabling data centers to add or remove equipment as needed without significant disruptions.
  • Remote Management: Many modern server racks support remote management technologies, such as IP-based KVM switches and lights-out management (LOM), for monitoring and controlling servers remotely.
  • Compatibility: When selecting server racks, it's crucial to consider compatibility with the servers and equipment being installed, including factors like weight capacity, mounting options, and cable management requirements.
  • Power Generation: It's critical to ensure your data center has the proper amount of power flowing into the rows of servers to "keep the lights on." Having the right power generation equipment, such as generators and backup generators, will keep your data center up through almost anything.

The Accurate Companies Knows Custom Data Center Cabinets

When you need a bespoke option for your data center or enough cabinets to fill a 500,000+ square foot building, there's one name in the business to look to—Accurate. At Accurate, our two divisions work hand-in-hand to create the perfect server enclosure for your data center.

Accurate Perforating: At Accurate Perforating, we are a leader in supplying perforated metal to data centers, including advancements in bit-coin mining data. Because we are a custom manufacturer, we can take one of our 1,000+ patterns to give you the proper airflow you need in your perforated metal door to keep the server farm humming around. Or we can make a custom pattern that is unique to your business. Between our scale and eighteen perforating presses, we have the capacity it takes to ensure your data center opens on time.

Accurate Metal Fabricating: As the perforated doors are being manufactured in Chicago, four miles away, at Accurate Metal Fabricating in Cicero, we are taking care of the rest. Forming the metal for the cabinets. Prepping the metal, and more. When the perf doors come in, they go into our powder paint line through a five-stage wash and powder painting. After being formed, welded, painted, and any other fab capabilities you need, it goes to assembly and shipping, where your items will be shipped on your schedule.

Driving The Future Of Data Centers

Services such as cloud computing, AI, and more need server farms to survive. Let's start the conversation on your next data center storage rack today