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Leading the Made in the USA EV Charging Revolution

Fully Charged

When looking for an EV charger manufacturer, you want to ensure they are plugged into the market with up-to-date systems and facilities. In other words, you need a fully charged fabricator as EV chargers transform the automotive and infrastructure landscape through innovation, quality, and sustainability. And when you set about paving a new path, partnering with a premier Electric Vehicle (EV) Contract Manufacturer is critical to your success. Accurate Metal Fab is your trusted partner for turning groundbreaking EV concepts into reality with our state-of-the-art equipment, expert engineering teams, and Made-in-the-USA capabilities.

Types of EV Chargers

The success of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution relies not only on cutting-edge cars but also on the infrastructure that supports them. As a leading Electric Vehicle Charger Contract Manufacturer, Accurate offers a comprehensive range of EV charging solutions to meet the diverse needs of the modern EV ecosystem. We can even fabricate supporting products for an EV charging network, such as decorative metal fencing or municipality fencing. 

Level 1 Charger

Level 1 Chargers

Level 1 chargers, also known as household chargers, are designed to be plugged into a standard residential electrical outlet, making them very convenient to charge your car when you get home after a long day. Level 1 chargers are ideal for overnight charging, ensuring your EV is ready each morning since they provide consumers with the slowest charger speeds.

Level 2 Chargers

Level 2 chargers deliver higher charging speeds compared to Level 1. They require a dedicated 240-volt circuit and are commonly installed in homes, workplaces, and public charging stations. If you do not have a 240-volt circuit, most electricians can assist by installing it in your home or commercial environment. Level 2 chargers significantly reduce charging times, making them an excellent choice for daily and longer trips.

Level 2 EV Charger
DC Fast Charger (Level 3)

DC Fast Chargers (Level 3)

DC fast chargers, or Level 3 chargers, offer rapid charging capabilities, making them suitable for on-the-go charging during road trips or when you need a quick top-up. These chargers utilize direct current (DC) to charge the EV's battery directly, bypassing the vehicle's onboard charging equipment. DC fast chargers are beginning to pop up along highways, commercial areas such as malls, and key transportation hubs. We are here to support that infrastructure to electrify the automotive industry.

Other available EV chargers include Tesla Superchargers, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Chargers, and Destination Chargers.

EV Contract Manufacturing That's Fully Charged

  • Expertise and Experience

    Backed by over eighty years of industry experience, our engineers, estimators, and project managers are well-versed in the complexities of metal enclosure manufacturing. 

  • Cutting-Edge Facilities

    Our advanced manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring we can efficiently produce EVs of the highest quality. From precision engineering to automated assembly lines, we have the tools to meet your production needs.

  • Custom Solutions

    We understand that every EV project is unique. That's why we offer customizable manufacturing solutions tailored to your specifications. From design and prototyping to production and testing, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our rigorous quality control processes ensure that every EV charger we fabricate meets the highest industry safety, performance, and reliability standards.

  • Collaborative Partnership

    We view our clients as partners, collaborating closely at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our dedicated project managers ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

  • Made In The USA

    You need to partner with an EV supplier that can meet the Buy American Act. At AMF, we check all the boxes. We can work with you to reshore your current design into our fabricating facility.



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Accurate Metal Fabricating Is Your Next EV Charger Contract Manufacturer

Ready to take the next step in electrifying the future of transportation? Get in touch with us today to discuss your EV manufacturing needs. At Accurate Metal Fab, we are centrally located in the suburbs of Chicago, which makes shipping a breeze to any section of the United States. Because of our location, we have access to a highly skilled workforce and the raw materials needed to fabricate the EV Chargers of the future. We invite you to tour our facility as we embark on this electrifying journey with metal.