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Lighting components, troffers, and other sheet metal housings can come in a variety of standard shapes and sizes. At Accurate Metal Fabricating, we work with commercial lighting manufacturers and fabricate components designed and built to exacting standards that meet our customer's unique design specifications. These lighting components help control and direct light through design elements and finishes. In addition, the fixtures may assist with thermal management. 

A perforated Lighting Component

How We Fabricate Lighting Components 

Accurate Metal Fabricating has more than 80 years of experience fabricating metal. Our capabilities enable us to manufacture various lighting components, including lightbox enclosures for commercial, industrial, and consumer applications. We offer riveted or robotically welded construction, including sealed housings. Stud welding or PEM® fastener insertion is also available to accommodate component installation and assembly requirements. Knowledge and experience provide our company with the essential tools to manufacture lighting products in compliance with recognized NEMA standards.

The Elements of Lighting

Our welding department excels at fabricating lighting components, offering a wide range of welding techniques from MIG, TIG, and spot welding. These various elements help us produce high-quality lighting fixtures for use in the commercial, architectural, and industrial markets.  We even have a Motoman HP20D-6 DX100 robotic welder w/ Fronius Cold Metal Transfer MIG that can weld aluminum extremely accurately and much faster than conventional methods, which is ideal when manufacturing fixtures, diffusers, and enclosures.

Lighting Fixture
Lighting Screen

Perforated Lighting Components

Do you need lighting components fabricated from perforated metal?  We also have the capability to perforate most metals and then fabricate them into designs we partner with you on. We can provide perforated metal with a range as light as 28 gauge up to 3/8 inch thickness. Whether you need a metal screen to precisely fit inside a lighting fixture or perforated diffuser, we can manufacture and fabricate them. We have dozens of perforating presses, hundreds of perforation tools in stock, and thousands of perforation patterns to choose from.

Typical Lighting Components We Fabricate Include:

  • Diffusers
  • Reflectors
  • Decorative Lighting Elements
  • Enclosures
  • Vent Screens