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Power Generation

Driving The Future Forward With Metal Fabrication

Built with you in mind

In an era where power generation is a cornerstone of modern infrastructure, Accurate Metal Fabricating emerges as an industry leader, driving innovation through its comprehensive sheet metal capabilities. With a profound commitment to excellence, engineering prowess, and a history of collaboration with renowned names like Cummins and Kohler, Accurate Metal Fabricating is poised to shape the future of power generation.

Rows of sheet metal enclosures

Sheet Metal Mastery

Accurate Metal Fabricating brings decades of experience, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for the power generation industry. The fusion of cutting-edge equipment - such as our eight-stage automated powder coating line, and skilled craftsmanship enables us to craft intricate sheet metal parts that are pivotal to the operation of power generators. Our ability to work with your team and help engineer your components and enclosures sets us apart from the competition. And with our ISO 9001:2015 quality control processes in place, we will meet your most stringent specifications when we partner.

Engineering Excellence: Crafting the Core of Power Generation

At Accurate Metal Fabricating, engineering is the bedrock of our services. When we take on a new power generation project (such as a metal enclosure), we meet extensively with the client to nail down all aspects of their project before getting into the prototyping phase. This ensures that each part we engineer seamlessly integrates into new and existing systems. Our experienced team meticulously analyzes every aspect, from material selection to fabrication techniques. Depending on your part, such as a metal junction box, we look at your items and drawings to determine if there is an opportunity to re-engineer them. This extra effort offers significant cost-saving that helps your bottom line while maintaining optimal performance and longevity of the components that go into your power generation use.

Project Managers

Project Management that Powers Progress

Accurate Metal Fabricating takes pride not only in its technical prowess but also in its robust project management capabilities. We understand that the power generation industry demands adherence to tight schedules and high standards. Our adept project managers are truly all-stars, excelling at coordinating complex fabrication projects and ensuring on-time delivery without compromising the precision and quality we are known for.

Flawless Finishes Through Powder Coating

Enhancing durability and protection is perfect for outdoor equipment like power generators. Our state-of-the-art powder coating line is an automated wonder that paints various metals ideal for power gen. Our powder coating line starts with a five-stage wash and dry system to ensure each metal component is ready to accept the powder. It is then applied through the paint booth while eight guns simultaneously apply the proper amount of powder to metal and steel. Powder coating safeguards power generation components against corrosion, wear, and environmental factors, extending these critical parts' lifespan. The application of powder coating not only reinforces the functionality of the elements but also maintains their aesthetic appeal, even in challenging operating conditions. For outdoor applications, we are an authorized applicator of AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605.

Powder Coating Panels For the Power Generation Industry
Close up of a sheet metal laser processing power gen parts

Laser-Precise Manufacturing

Incorporating advanced laser cutting technology, Accurate Metal Fabricating crafts parts with unparalleled precision. Laser cutting allows us to efficiently produce parts at speeds other fabrication equipment can only dream of. This enables power gen designers to quickly develop and prototype customized components tailored to the specific needs of power generators. Lasers, such as our Bystronic BYSMart 3015, have the right technology to empower us to produce items that are not only dimensionally accurate but also contribute to enhanced overall efficiency.

Welding for Resilience and Reliability

Welding forms the cornerstone of many power generator components, and Accurate Metal Fabricating's welding expertise ensures the highest standards of resilience and reliability. Our certified welders employ various techniques, including MIG, TIG, and spot welding, to ensure that each joint is robust and meets the stringent safety requirements of the power generation industry.

Welding sheet metal for power generation

Power Generation Applications

The power generation industry is diverse, encompassing various methods and technologies to produce electricity. Accurate Metal Fabricating's expertise extends to different power generation methods, allowing us to provide tailored solutions for each technology. Here are some of the prominent power generation methods we collaborate on:

  • Renewable Energy

    Whether wind, solar, or something in between, metal junction boxes are needed to distribute power wisely to the renewable energy sector.

  • Hybrid Power Systems

    Fabricating enclosures, mounting structures, and integrated systems are pivotal in creating reliable and resilient hybrid power solutions.

  • Industrial Power Generation

    Dedicated power needs metal fabrication.  Components include acoustic enclosures for noise reduction, ventilation systems, and precision brackets for mounting equipment

  • Diesel

    Diesel generators are a reliable source of backup power. Our precision engineering ensures that these enclosures effectively contain noise and emissions.

  • Natural Gas

    Natural gas power plants leverage the combustion of natural gas to generate electricity. Accurate Metal Fabricating contributes to this sector by producing components such as  control panel cabinets.

  • Cogeneration

    Cogeneration systems simultaneously produce electricity and useful heat from the same energy source. Products includes control system cabinets

Electrifying The World With Metal Fabrication

Accurate Metal Fabricating supports a wide array of power generation methods by incorporating our sheet metal capabilities, engineering excellence, project management proficiency, powder coating expertise, precision laser cutting, and advanced welding techniques. As the power generation landscape evolves, we stand ready to innovate and collaborate, contributing to the growth and sustainability of this vital industry.