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Basic to Complex Project Management 

Metal fabrication projects often require many intricate steps to get from the initial spark of an idea to the manufacturing of the final product. You can eliminate the stress of managing this extensive chain of events by collaborating with our experienced metal project management team. They can provide a complete range of PM support from basic consulting to comprehensive metal fabrication project management. With years of experience in this complex process, our project managers know how to keep communication channels open and ensure your project keeps moving efficiently.

Accurate Metal Fabrication is focused on providing the best metal manufacturing project management in Chicago. Our reputation has been built on consistently providing our customers with precisely what they need. When you bring us a project, you will know that it is in the hands of a capable and experienced team.

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Fun Squad (302 × 302 px) (400 × 400 px)


Accurate’s Proficient Project Management Team Will:

  • Complete projects faster and more economically

  • Be consistent and predictable

  • Properly manage scope

  • Quickly resolve problems

  • Predict and resolve risk before occurring

  • Immediately identify and resolve issues if they occur


Over the past ten years, many of the forces supporting overseas manufacturing have diminished, resulting in a less competitive foreign manufacturing base. Many North American companies would prefer not to source from overseas due to long lead times, quality concerns, insufficient communication, etc. The benefits of offshoring have been marginalized to the point that it no longer makes good financial or business sense to manufacturer overseas. Since 2008, Accurate Metal Fabricating has made significant investments in fabrication equipment and has hired extraordinary talent to give us manufacturing efficiencies we never thought possible. The result has been improved lead times, better quality, and more competitive pricing. Accurate Metal Fabricating can simply help companies in a lot of ways overseas manufacturing cannot.

How do you determine if it makes sense to reshore your components? Our project managers and engineers can collaborate with your team to determine the feasibility of bringing manufacturing back. We pride ourselves on being completely upfront about the realities of metal fab project reshoring. Sometimes, overseas manufacturing is the right decision.  Other times, working with a domestic partner is the best solution. Our project managers will work with you to determine what’s best. While we can’t always compete with the low labor prices and cheap commodity prices overseas, often we can provide an overall better product cost through improved lead-times, appropriate product quality, proper product design, and superior customer support.

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What Accurate Can Guarantee:

  • Better collaboration with engineering and project management

  • Better customer support

  • The appropriate product quality

  • Faster lead-times

  • Smaller order quantities

  • Complete confidentiality of proprietary designs and processes

  • Overall higher value

  • Overall better cost


Outsourcing and Resourcing 

The need to find a new source for fabricated products can happen for a multitude of reasons. We understand that regardless if it’s due to an internal supply chain rationalization or a current supplier’s performance, resourcing can cause great stress to an organization. In order to ease the transition, Accurate will develop a comprehensive resourcing schedule that outlines the milestones. We’ll collaborate with your team to ensure no disruptions occur to your operation’s production requirements. We will quickly analyze your drawings and physical components to provide you with a precise estimate and game plan. We will never jeopardize your supply chain. Whatever we commit to we will make sure we deliver on. 

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To ease the transition, Accurate will:

  • Analyze your drawings and physical components

  • Determine the appropriate specifications and quality

  • Re-engineer component for better manufacturability

  • Develop mockups as necessary

  • Guarantee pricing and lead-times

  • Stage production to match transition

  • Manufacturer required quantities

  • Stock and fulfill components as needed


Contract Manufacturing

As your contract manufacturer, we will quote you a manufactured, finished, assembled, and packaged product based on the desired processes, labor, tooling, material costs, and fulfillment requirements. We will coordinate sourcing of any components or processes not managed in-house. Our fabrication plant has a large manufacturing capacity and an extremely flexible equipment offering with a very wide range of capabilities and tolerances. Many of our processes are designed to run lights-out, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More importantly, we have one of the best production staffs in the industry. They know exactly what our capabilities are and can utilize our equipment to its fullest abilities. When the fabrication processes are completed, we then manage all aspects of finishing, assembly, labeling, and packaging. Lastly, if necessary, we can be your warehouse and global fulfillment center. You never have to touch a thing. While you’re focused on creating, marketing, and selling great products; Accurate can be your manufacturing division and fulfillment center.



Fun Squad (302 × 302 px) (400 × 400 px) (400 × 400 px) (400 × 400 px) (400 × 400 px)



Accurate excels at Contract Manufacturing because of:

  • ISO 9001:2015 influenced manufacturing processes

  • Over 75 years of metal fabricating experience

  • Professional project management

  • Skilled engineering department

  • Large manufacturing capacity

  • 24/7, lights-out manufacturing capabilities

  • Excellent vendor network

  • Proficient assembly line

  • Versatile packaging line

  • Large storage facility

  • Dependable fulfillment department

Manufacturing Support 

We are valued as a manufacturer of fabricated metal components and welded subassemblies by OEM’s and Design Houses throughout North America. By integrating efficient manufacturing processes, proficient fabrication project management, and experienced engineering, we can provide high-quality sheet metal components and assemblies that are delivered on-time, ready to be installed. We guarantee that the products we manufacturer will meet or exceed expectations via our ISO 9001:2015 influenced manufacturing processes, large manufacturing capacity, and skilled team of engineers, project managers, and production staff. We will provide you with a reliable supply of high-quality precision sheet metal components, guaranteeing that you will have the inventory needed to keep your production lines running.