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Our universal weapon rack system provides maximal flexibility and accommodates the weapons you use now and in the future. This modular weapon storage system is designed to hold every gun in the Army's small arms inventory: from M-9's to the CLU Javelin.

The adjustable racks are universally adaptable to ever-changing weapon requirements and specs.  Accurate's weapons rack can be fitted with a wide range of bracket designs that accommodate most optics and accessories.  Weapons can be stored with optics for maximum efficiency and readiness.

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Weapon Racks Success Story




In the summer of 2007, Ft. Riley had an urgent need for a large number of weapon racks. A new brigade was moving in unexpectedly and a large shipment of new weapons was on its way. Ft. Riley needed immediate action; the racks had to start shipping no less than two weeks from the initial order. The bottom line, if Ft. Riley’s weapons arrived before the racks, they would require extra security precautions, including an around-the-clock armed guard required by military security. This was not a popular alternative. The racks needed to get there on time without exception.

AMF started shipping Ft Riley racks in the second week, just after they finalized their order. We also provided a factory-trained installation coordinator who remained on site for two weeks until the project was complete. Accurate Metal Fab delivered the racks on time, managed the entire installation which greatly reduced the workload of the officer in charge, and left them completely satisfied. We are still their weapons rack supplier today.