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What type of sheet metal parts and blanks do you need? Accurate Metal Fabricating is the best place to turn for fabricated metal blanks in Chicago. We can manufacture custom sheet metal parts and blanks based on nearly any concept, drawing, or physical example to your design specifications. We can create the most complicated fabricated metal shapes out of many different materials because of our technology, advanced equipment and experienced staff. Since we have the most modern equipment to punch, form, perforate, weld, laser cut, custom tool and stamp metal, our fabricated metal blanks and parts can be produced quickly, to a very high quality, and to your unique specifications. We have the flexibility of running parts and blanks on our new Amada FLCAJ 3015 3-Axis Fiber Laser Cutting System and Amada HDS 1303NT- 143 ton - 8 axis CNC – and both systems are setup to run around the clock, seven days a week, with lights out, allowing to offer fast lead times and better pricing.

accurate parts
accurate parts

Do you need perforated metal parts and blanks? We also have the capability to perforate parts and blanks from most metals and then fabricate into most shapes. We can perform metal fabrications with a range as light as 28 gauge up to 3/8 inch thickness. Whether you need a metal diffuser screen to precisely fit inside a lighting fixture or perforated metal blanks for ventilation, we can supply them. We have dozens of perforating presses, hundreds of perforation tools in stock, and thousands of perforation patterns to choose from. We have the capability of creating margins on the sides and edges, plus pulling pins internally and advanced the feed of the material on the press automatically in order to offer a myriad of internal and external margin options. We can then quick chop out parts and blanks from the perforated sheet one of our turret press or laser cutting system, which typically is far less expensive and better quality than performing all operation separately on laser cutter or turret press alone.

Our equipment and facilities allow us to do medium or large production runs on sheet metal parts and blanks. We specialize in understanding what each company wants, forming it to meet specifications and meeting delivery deadlines so that you can keep your production lines running. Since the quality of any product is based on the quality of the components, our expertise in metal fabrication for parts and blanks will ensure the best results for your final product.

If you’re ready to learn more about our offerings, reach out to us today and request a quote.

accurate parts & blanks