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We have only been able to sustain our business for so many decades because of our clients. See what some of our most valued partners have to say about working with the Accurate team.

American Ninja Warrior Project

“(The perforated metal) has really become part of the language of our show,” said Michael C, Art Director for the show’s production company.  “It is really the best option, in my opinion, to add a bit of class to the finishing of our truss structure set.  It still has somewhat of an urban/industrial feel, but is clean lined in its presentation to the viewer, and can really make sense in spaces where a solid material can't; lighting looks great through it, and it allows for an added layer of dimension.” 

Michael further stated, “I will say that having (Accurate) on board was really nice - and saved us some money too, which we are always looking to do. I am guessing that most of the businesses (Accurate) deals with does not run on as immediate of a schedule as we usually do. (We’re) glad that you guys could accommodate us and that we had just the right amount of time to be able to have this work out on our end.”


Retail Environment Design House

"Hi Accurate team, Firstly, thanks to your estimating department – they were super diligent in quoting this with me and I feel a level of comfort I don’t usually have, it is greatly appreciated."

Manufacturing Solutions Manufacturer

"Your parts looked great, your prices were fair and the service was good as well.  The performance of your company was very good indeed."


Furniture Manufacturer

"Thanks for sending your team in and it was great that they were able to fix this on site. I really appreciated that."

Lighting Manufacturer

"The parts you created were dimensionally accurate and I have no complaints with the welds or quality otherwise. I particularly like the corners of the fixture where the flange is welded, the joint came out strong and the weld is not noticeable."


Retail Environment Design House

"Thank you for staying on top of this rush job!"

Packaging Manufacturer

"Your metal tote passed our quality inspection with flying colors. Your quality of manufacturing was above and beyond."




Generator Manufacturer

"Thank you for everything you and your team did.  My first perception was that we were not getting attention – based on your teams’ performance and communication over the last few days – I have been very pleased and impressed. I apologize for my misperception.  I appreciate ALL your efforts to make this happen."

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Design House

"Samples looked awesome!"