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When it needs to be done right...and right now.

As a POP display manufacturer since 1939, Accurate Metal Fabricating understands the needs of the industry and delivers fast quotes and prototypes along with exacting manufacturing and assembly. However, their capabilities were put to the test when a California design firm called when their overseas fabricator dropped the ball in the 11th hour.

Developed by a California design firm, the POP display for a portable water purifying system blended science and nature with wood panels accenting the powder coated and screened metallic frame. Signage needed to be affixed inside a blue-hued plastic holder and a security cord fastened to the base. Designed to be located on a counter or stand, it was critical that the display be light and feature a compact footprint. The displays would also have to be completed and shipped in time for the product launch, which was only 2 months away.

fabricated metal pop display

An overseas fabricator won the bid and was assigned to develop a prototype of the display. When the finished prototype was finally delivered, it lacked the style and look of the initial design. Because the fabricator was not able to weld the aluminum backer to the steel cradle as specified in the original design, they switched the material for the backer piece from aluminum to steel. This meant the loss of the brushed metal finish that gave the display its finished, upscale appearance. After receiving the prototype, it was clear that the overseas fabricator was not able to complete the job as designed. With the product launch date right around the corner, the design firm had to start from scratch.

Ray Meinsen from AMF came calling at just the right time. After contacting the design firm as follow up to a mass mailing, they decided to give AMF a chance and sent the specs for them to begin fabricating a new prototype. AMF's expert engineering team quickly discovered why the overseas manufacturer had modified the materials - there was no way the piece could actually be built the way it was designed; the product cradle and the backer could not be welded together correctly. In order to attach the product cradle to the backer, the cradle needed to be redesigned.

The AMF team was able to quickly develop a new design for the cradle that allowed the two pieces to be mounted together properly, featuring a uniform brushed aluminum finish. Within only a week of getting the original specs, AMF presented the prototype for approval. The design firm immediately assigned the job to AMF, who produced, assembled and shipped 3000 units in time for the product launch. AMF's quick, proactive and precise work saved the day. As a result, the design firm has since referred over 25 projects to AMF and continues to be yet another valued client.

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