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Hassle-Free Service for the Hands-Free Camera Display

Sometimes a Point of Purchase (POP) Display is not just a metal stand with a shelf. Sometimes the display has to be innovative, up to speed and able to show off a high-performance product.

When the design firm called on AMF to team up on the POP display for an extreme sports camera, we were ready to jump into the venture, even though the design called for special features and out of the ordinary assembly. Accurate Metal Fabricating was assigned to produce the metal components and assemble these with the electronic components supplied by the design firm.

All the components had to work together seamlessly to show off the capabilities of the camera. This POP display pulled together a sleek design with a fabricated metal pedestal frame, display hooks, a computer monitor and electronics. With a camera whose features included “widest angle, sharpest lens, impact resistant, waterproof, pro grade full HD video and hands-free shooting during adventure sports,” it was important that the POP display didn’t fumble.

The designer sent their components to AMF: wooden shelves and bases, SD memory cards, and small monitors. AMF’s team tested each SD card, monitor and power supply to ensure performance. The monitors, memory cards and power supply were vital to the POP display since the camera’s capabilities were best shown off by its videos.

Accurate Metal Fabricating produced the fabricated components for the kiosk stand, made with slots for the insertion of metal hooks for accessories. They were necessary accessories for the sports camera: handlebar mounts, roll bar mounts, chest straps, helmet mounts, head straps, and surfboard mounts. And each POP display had attachments to hold six cameras.

Accurate Metal Fabricating was able to supply the fabricated metal components for the POP display, but also tested each electronic component prior to assembly. The sports camera had a cohesive display unit to show off its capabilities for hands-free filming. Accurate Metal Fabricating showed off its capabilities for hassle-free service.

Accurate Metal Fabricating has supplied the POP industry with components for the last 39 years. We’re adept at working with design teams, delivering prototypes quickly and giving hassle free service, even when the design calls for special features.

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