Fabricated Metal Cabinet for Paper Shredder

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A design company needed components for metal cabinets for paper shredders, but their supplier in China was having problems with the prototype. The prototype components were welded, leading to design challenges and driving projected costs higher.

It would seem that a metal rectangular cabinet for a shredder would not be difficult. No curves, no intricate attachments, no electrical components to test, no fancy assembly; just a metal box. But this was more complex than just a metal box, and the project needed expertise to overcome the challenges:

  • The shelving unit at the top of each cabinet had to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the shredder.

  • The shredder was enclosed in the lid of the cabinet, but the lid also had to be removable.

  • The metal door on the lower cabinet had to swing freely for ease of access to the trash can.

  • The costs for the production could not keep increasing.

Accurate Metal Fabricating was contracted and after reviewing the original design suggested an important change. Rather than using costly welding, AMF suggested pop riveting on the cabinet. Pop, or blind, rivets:

  • created a tight joint

  • could be installed from one side when access to the joint was limited

  • provided shear and tensile strength

  • ensured that the hinge on the cabinet door could swing properly

  • allowed the shredding fixture to be removed for clearing paper pieces

  • saved costs

Accurate Metal Fabricating was able solve the design problems, supply the metal components for the shredders, and reduce production costs. AMF has 70 years of experience in the industry and engineers who work carefully with clients to ensure that each unique design is fully functional. And whenever possible, we’ll look for a way to cut your costs.

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